HPC Application Information

The HPC is obtained through a competency-based evaluation at three levels of the practitioner career pathway, Practitioner, Senior, Leader.


The HPC and associated standards are recognized by the Sport Scientist Canada Management Group consisting of representation from Sport Canada, Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Institute Network (COPSIN), Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) and Own the Podium (OTP).

Who qualifies for HPC?

To apply for HPC, you must meet two pre-requisite criteria:

  1. Experience in HP sport criteria (see FAQ below) 
    1. Practitioner Level – minimum of 3 years
    2. Senior Level – minimum of 12 years
    3. Leader Level – minimum of 16 years
  2. Discipline-Specific Criteria (download below)

How do I apply?

  1. Read the HPC Guidelines (download below)
  2. Select the level for which you will apply: 
    1. Ensure you meet both Discipline-Specific Criteria and years of experience for the level you selected
    2. Review the Competency Framework (download below) and ensure you can provide specific examples of all elements for the level you selected
  3. Prepare your application materials:
    1. Complete the Competency Submission Form that matches the level you have selected (download below)
    2. Prepare copy of your current resume illustrating your experience in HP sport
    3. Acquire a reference letter from your HP sport employer - NSO or CSI (download template below)

What is the process?

  • There are no longer application windows to receive submissions. Applications are now accepted year round. Submit your application when you have all your materials prepared. 
  • Certification involves 2 steps.  Have all materials ready when you intend to apply.
    1. Submit written materials during an application window.  
      • Submit your application materials by clicking the “apply now” button
      • Your pre-requisites will be screened and a reviewer will be assigned
    2. Complete an interview. 
      • The reviewer will contact you directly to set up your interview
      • An interview is 1.5-2 hours in length

Download Information Materials

  1. Applicant Guidelines
  2. HPC Competency Framework 
  3. Discipline-Specific Criteria

Download Submission Materials

Note: The submission form must be opened in Adobe if you use a Mac. 
Download a free version of the software here: 

  1. Competency Submission Form (Practitioner)
  2. Competency Submission Form (Senior)
  3. Competency Submission Form (Leader)
  4. Template Reference Letter for Employers

 How much does it cost?

  • There is no fee for HPC

Additional information 

Area of Focused Competence *In development 2022/2023

  • Para Sport
  • Data Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the Application Guidelines for instructions.
  • High Performance (HP) sport refers to Olympic, Paralympic, and NextGen athletes on an NSO podium pathway competing at an international level. 
  • Calculating years of experience
    • Either full-time or part-time work in HP Sport can be included in the calculation of total years. 
    • If you include a year of part-time work in HP sport, your resume must show both frequent and consistent sport science provision throughout the year. 
    • A year of inconsistent or infrequent work in HP sport while servicing other non-HP sport populations should not be included. 
    • For senior or leader applications, parental leave can be included in your total.  We are unable to accept parental leave for base level practitioners as the minimum 3 years of HP experience is required to compile adequate examples across all competencies.
  • Yes.  You are welcome to apply at a level below where you meet pre-requisites AND can comfortably provide competency examples.
  • For example, if you have 12 years of experience but do not work in leadership capacity, don’t provide mentorship, don’t advise NSOs or CSIs, then you are welcome to apply at Practitioner level to complete your certification.
  • Pre-requisites provide a framework to support the Canadian Sport System by:
    • Providing validated credentials across all sport science disciplines
    • Promoting clarity through the use of common language and standards across the network
    • Defining the career pathway which describes the development required to meet expected standards in HP Sport
  • HPC pre-requisites are a set of standards developed by the HPAC discipline groups and the HPC Committee in consultation across sport partners and discipline associations
Applications can take 5-20 hours of preparation.  The majority of time is spent on the competency submission form.  This can be prepared over a period of days or weeks at your own pace.
Reviewers are assigned outside of your employer and outside of your discipline to minimize bias in the assessment process. 
Reviewers have all completed HPC Reviewer Training and attend monthly meetings.  There are a set of guidelines for Reviewers and an assessment tool used during the process.  All Reviewers are Senior or Leader level HP Certified.
  • Frank van Berg, Psychology, CSI Calgary
  • Danielle Poulos, Psychology, CSI Atlantic
  • Leo Thornley, Physiology, CSI Atlantic
  • Liz Johnson, Physiology, CSI Pacific
  • Josiane Roberge, Physiotherapy, INS Quebec
  • Kelly Dragar, Nutrition, CSI Calgary
  • Heather Hynes, Nutrition, CSC Saskatchewan
  • Ed McNeeley, Strength and Conditioning, CSI Ontario (Retired)
  • Nick Clarke, Strength and Conditioning, CSI Pacific (Affiliate)
The Reviewer assesses both written submission and your interview content according to the instructions provided in the HPC Guidelines.
There will be a Professional Development Credit (PDC) system implemented in the future.  Once created, we will contact all HPC practitioners to communicate the terms and instructions.  All PDC information will also be posted on the SSC website.
The acronym is “HPC”.