Paralympic Sport Modules

The Parasport Module is an e-learning resource designed to deliver a learning experience to sport scientists to develop the foundational knowledge required to safely, effectively and appropriately support athletes competing in Paralympic sports. Any member of Sport Scientist Canada can access the Parasport Module.

Modules can be taken at your own pace. 
Approximate time: 30 minutes
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How to Sign In

Any member of Sport Scientist Canada can access the Parasport Module. The course can be launched from the website when signed into your profile and once finished, you will be provided with a recognition of completion.

Interested in working in Parasport?

Check out the Parasport Central page to for direction, materials and information to assist you in advancing your Paralympic sport practitioner skills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sport Scientist Canada recognizes that there is currently a lack of appropriate and evidence-based resources for practitioners to support their development in the delivery of safe and effective service provision to parasport athletes. The module is intended to provide foundational knowledge in this area whilst also directing participants to best-practice resources as recommended by Canada's leading practitioners in parasport. 
The Parasport Module is designed for practitioners from all sport science and medicine disciplines with a motivation to work in parasport. The content will also be applicable to practitioners currently working with parasport athletes who wish to refresh their existing knowledge. All members of Sport Scientist Canada have access to the module. 

By the end of the course, the learning outcomes for each participant are to: 

  • Describe the four most common impairments in parasport: visual impairment, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury and limb deficiency. 

  • Identify challenges and considerations unique to parasport athletes and the associated effects on performance. 

  • Identify the information practitioners require to provide safe and effective support for each parasport athlete and their unique physiological needs. 

  • Communicate with parasport athletes with respectful, person-centered language. 

The module is designed to create an effective and engaging learning experience, providing practitioners with evidence-based, best practice content to enhance their skillsets to appropriately support parasport athletes. 

The module takes 30-45 minutes to complete fully however the modular structure of the course allows for sub-sections to be completed periodically over time. The course will also be available to be completed repeatedly if members wish to do so.