Practitioner Mentorship – New Opportunities in 2021!

Critical to the success of Practitioner Pathway programs such as LEAD, Women in Sport Science (WiSS), and Paralympic Practitioner Development (PPD), is the training of mentorship skills and the opportunity to become a mentor to other practitioners. Sport Scientist Canada (SSC) will be offering generic online mentorship training to all SSC HP Practitioner members starting in May 2021.
The mentorship module will be developed with GEVC, a learning design company, who supported the development of the Paralympic Practitioner Development: An Introduction to Parasport Physiology. Its focus is to provide high performance sport scientist in Canada with fundamental mentorship knowledge and skills using an online interactive approach.  The module will also be a stepping-stone to more specific training in the LEAD and WiSS program.
The Mentorship Module Working Group consists of: Dr.Véronique Boudreault (Chair: LEAD), Nicole Springle (Chair: WiSS), Lindsay Musalem (Paralympic Practitioner Development Working Group), Phil Dunne (Canadian Paralympic Committee), Dr. Jennifer Walinga (Royal Roads University).

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